Home Education and Individual Sovereignty

By Tunya Audain

Even while I was active in the home education movement in the 70s – 80s I did not use the term “sovereignty” in my writings. I do think it’s an appropriate classification.

I usually would say that home education was a means to retrieve individual responsibility from “disabling professionals”, a concept I gained from study with Ivan Illich (6 mo) and his writings. Secondly I said it was an escape hatch for those who see the dangers of the “predatory state”. This concept I gained from the writings of Jean-François Revel.

Both these notions — miseducation and bypassing the predatory state — are ever more urgent for us to consider in this era of man-made social engineering and all that is being imposed as 21st Century Learning transformation. I will be bringing these issues forward.

For a 7 page downloadable and printable copy of my 1987 essay — Home Education: The Third Option see https://independent.academia.edu/TunyaAudain