Principle and Wings of Freedom

Principle: Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Canada

Principle was the newsletter of The Libertarian Party of Canada since its inception through to 1982. Below is the link to the very last issue.

  • Principle, Vol. 9, # 4 June-July 1982 - 20 pages
        - A Conversation with Party Leader Neil Reynolds by Martha Olijnyk
        - Convention Notebook by Jim McIntosh
        - John Hayes Update by Jim Reilly
        - Editorial: President's Message by Christian Sorensen
        - The Freethinker: Why Feed the Mouth That Bites Us? by Victor Levis
        - Idées: Une Proposition Rationelle Pour la Reforme Scolaire par Victor Levis et Monty Eisenberg
        - A Mon Avis: Le Crime d'être Propriétaire par Francois Bergeron (from l'Express de Toronto)
        - Viewpoint: Turning the Tide: The Errors and Lessons of the Past by Gray Watters
        - Opinion: On Strike For Wages by David Tindall
        - Comic Panels: Of Will and Means and Libertarian Dreams by Wayne Kollinger
        - Regional News: Highlights of Activities in Ontario by Martha Olijnyk
        - Regional News: Quebec Report by Victor Levis
        - Party Newsletters Deliver the News by Chris Sorensen
        - Book Review: Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity by Walter Block and Michael Walker reviewed by Shannon Vale
        - LPC Officer Directory
        - New Riding Association Formed
        - Libertarian Events
        - Notice: Libertarian Golf Tournament
        - Organizations and Contacts
        - The Free Market (Classified Ads)
        - Statement of Principles

Wings of Freedom

Principle was replaced by a new newsletter, Wings of Freedom, in 1983. The first issue in February 1983 was not numbered. The first formal numbered editions appeared June 1984. It was edited and produced in Vancouver from September 1985 to October 1986 by Marco den Ouden. At its peak, Wings had over 1000 subscribers. All of the issues of Wings are in your webmaster's possession and will be reproduced here.

    Volume 1

  • February 1983 - 4 pages - this issue predates Vol. 1, No. 1 but is not numbered. It is, however, he first edition of Wings of Freedom.
        - Sally Forth! Mayor Barker Wants Council to Keep Confidential Information from Hayes
        - Regional News
        - On the Move (about leader Neil Reynolds national tour)
        - Victor vs Pierre by Colin Languedoc (from The Suburban newspaper)
        - Metric Protest
        - Donato is Coming to Town
  • Volume 1, # 1 June 1984 - 6 pages
        - Convention '84 by Linda Cain
        - Across Canada by Dennis Corrigan
        - Message from the Party Leader by Victor Levis
        - Libertarian Candidates '84
        - Libertarian Party Directory
        - Elected Officers of the LPC
        - Events
  • Volume 1, # 2 August 1984 - 6 pages
        - Westward Ho! (about leader Victor Levis tour of Western Canada)
        - List of Candidates - 1984 Election
        - Leader's Report by Victor Levis
        - Special Report on the Matched Funds Campaign
        - Libertarian Party Directory
        - Elected Officers
  • Volume 1, # 3 October 1984 - 8 pages
        - Campaign '84
        - Counting the Votes
        - Local Activity
        - Libertarian Party Directory

    Volume 2 - 1985-1986

  • Volume 2, # 1 - June 1985 - 16 pages
    - Across Canada
        - 1984 Financial Results by Dennis Corrigan
        - A Strategy for Success by Chris Blatchly
        - Calendar of Events
        - Libertarian Party Directory
        - Statement of Principles
  • Volume 2, # 2 - September 1985 - 12 pages
         - New Wings Take Flight
        - Editorial: The Destroyers
        - Across Canada: A Roundup of Libertarian News
        - Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back (Commentary on the News)
        - Charter Watch (Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the News)
        - Libertarian Calendar
        - Letters to the Editor (this issue - comments on Chris Blatchly's A Strategy for Success)
        - Libertarian Party Directory
        - Libertarian Party Statement of Principles
  • Volume 2, # 3 - November 1985 - 12 pages
        - Sargent Wins Leadership Race by Martha Olijnyk & Nick Russon
        - Editorial: Free Speech, Hate Mongers & the Public Purse
        - Letters to the Editor (this issue - comments of the Keegstra case,
           an objection to anti-religious libertarians, and more on Blatchly's Strategy)
        - The MacDonald Commission Report by Michael Walker
        - Across Canada: A Roundup of Libertarian News
        - Free Enterprise in Thailand by Walter Block
  • Volume 2, # 4 - January 1986 - 12 pages
        - Interview: A Conversation With Victor Levis Part 1
        - LPC National Convention by Shannon Vale
        - Letters to the Editor (this issue - more on A Strategy for Success)
        - Taxes: Libertarian Businessman Harassed by Marco den Ouden
        - Activism: The Open Sundays Campaign by Shannon Vale
        - Philosophy: John Rawls Revisited by Jack Boulogne
        - Strategy: Pragmatists Versus Idealists by Fred Van Winckel
  • Volume 2, # 5 - March 1986 - 12 pages
        - Introducing Project 2000 by Marco den Ouden
        - Editorial: The State of the Debate
        - Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back by Marco den Ouden
        - Letters to the Editor (this issue - save money by home brewing, more on Blatchly's Strategy for Success, on pragmatists vs idealists, and a critique of the party constitution
        - Across Canada: BC News by Bill Tomlinson
        - Across Canada: Ontario Report by Shannon Vale
        - The Phoney Baloney Dollar
        - Tax Tips for Delinquent Taxpayers by Michael Crosby (humor reprint from The Libertarian)
        - A Conversation With Victor Levis Part 2
        - Ye Olde Filler
        - People Express Airlines by Walter Block
        - Statement of Principles

There are two more issues of Wings which I'll scan and post soon.