Libertarian activists have produced a number of newsletters over the years. It is our goal to reproduce all of them here. Click on the relevant link to get to our archives. Please note that some of our pdf files were created with Cute PDF Writer. Recent editions of Adobe Acrobat Reader do not recognize these files. But older versions do. And they will open in your web browser by clicking on the relevant link. If you download them, they can be opened with the Reader that comes with Windows 8.

The first nine issues of The Libertarian and the first six issues of the HALT Report (called the halter at the time) were painstakingly reproduced by scanning each page of the original saving them as jpegs, running each jpeg through an Optical Character Reader (OCR), correcting spelling and layout issues and recreating each newsletter as a document file. Then each was converted to a pdf file.

The recreated newsletter as a pdf file is very small - around 200 kilobytes unless there is a large graphic in the file. These small files load very quickly. And they are very clean. There are no blemishes, smudges or other distortions.

But creating them was such an arduous and time consuming project that I left it on the back burner for a long time, but in late September 2016 I tried some experimentation with my scanner. It has the option of saving files as pdf instead of jpeg files which would certainly be faster to do than recreating each newsletter.

I did a variety of experiments with different resolution settings. With the scanner set at 300 dpi as I had originally set it, an eight page newsletter came out at around 6500 kilobytes (6.5 mb). With the scanner set at 150 dpi, quality diminished a bit but the file came out at 2600 kilobytes. If I set the scanner to 75 dpi, the file size came out at 850 kilobytes. I settled on 150 dpi as the best option for legibility and size.

So I scanned all the remaining issues of the Libertarian and HALT Report at 150 dpi with each file coming out at around 2500-2700 kilobytes for an eight page newsletter. They are not as clean as the recreated newsletters. And there is some bleedthrough of the pages on the other side. But they are clear and legible. In a test, the recreated newsletters load in about two seconds. The larger scanned only files load in about six seconds. That may vary with different internet connections.